Terms And Conditions

1.0 Any individual who wishes to use the services of www.servcacars.com should agree to the terms and conditions of the website by ticking the “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” checker on the passenger contact information page. If any of the services provided by www.servcacars.com is used on behalf of someone else, the individual who ticks the checker would take responsibility in agreeing to terms and conditions of the website on behalf of the user of the services.



2.1 The expressions mentioned below will have the following meanings unless a context requires otherwise.

2.1.1 Agreed pick up point – the location of your pick up as mentioned in the details

2.1.2 Agreed time – the date & time of your pick up as mentioned in the details

2.1.3 Booking – reservation of service via the website

2.1.4 PHO – private hire operators with whom the actual booking takes place via the website

2.1.5 PHO T&C – the additional terms and conditions provided by the PHO

2.1.6 Card – the method of payment for the booking, this may include credit & debit cards, PayPal account or any mode of online payment

2.1.7 Cash – the direct payment made to the PHO or the driver on, after or before the journey

2.1.8 Servca Cars – Unit 10, Hemmons Road, Manchester, M12 5ST, UK – Registraion Number :08586353

2.1.9 Card costs – any charges levied by the payment providers such as credit card company or PayPal

2.1.10 Details – the information provided by you for the booking; such as the agreed time, agreed pick up point and personal information

2.1.11 Fare – the agreed charge for the services

2.1.12 Goods – any goods carried by you in the vehicle during the trip

2.1.13 Trip – the journey made by the passenger from the pick up point to the drop off point as per the details provided in the website.

2.1.14 Licensing authority – the licenser of taxi service companies or minicab operators

2.1.15 Particular requirements – the extra details or service that you require from the PHO or Servca Cars

2.1.16 Passenger – any person who travels in a vehicle booked through the website

2.1.17 Personal data – the details entered by the user into the website. This may include name, address, email, phone number, pick-up point, drop-off point, card details etc.

2.1.18 Quote – the price received for a trip upfront generated by the website

2.1.19 Terms – the terms and conditions presented to you by Servca Cars

2.1.20 Website – the website by the domain www.servcacars.com

2.1.21 You – the user of the website

2.1.22 CABS – private hire vehicles provided by the PHO through Servca Cars

2.1.21 You – the user of the website

2.1.23 The clause heading shall not affect the construction of the terms



3.1 The user is responsible in providing accurate details to the website. Any negative outcome of inaccurate details will not be compensated by Servca Cars.

3.2 Servca Cars is only a booking agent portal and not a tour operator. Any contracts that may have been drawn by booking a PHO through the website pertaining to the trip is legally binding between you and the PHO

3.3 You should have at least reached the age of 18 and be legally allowed to make a booking

3.4 Servca Cars has the right to cancel or refuse any booking. However, Servca Cars may partially or fully refund the payment.

3.5 Your personal details entered in the website shall not be used or shared with a third party for purposes other than the services provided by PHO or Servca Cars.

3.6 “Browser Cookies” are used by Servca Cars to ensure a quality service to our users through the website. However, the user may reject to use cookies through his browser.

3.7 Servca Cars may disclose private information to legal authorities, law enforcement agencies or government authorities by valid court order to do so.

3.8 If you do not wish to receive promotional emails from Servca Cars, you may send an email to enquiries@servcacars.com or click to unsubscribe.



4.1 Servca Cars would show the one-time offers by PHO at the time of the booking. This offer may not be valid for other booking.

4.2 A booking doesn’t finalize the acceptance of an offer until the user receives a confirmation on his screen.

4.3 Any booking made through Servca Cars would be subjected to the terms and conditions of the PHO in addition to the terms and conditions of Servca Cars. Any conflicts that may arise between the terms and conditions of that of the PHO and Servca Cars; the terms and conditions of Servca Cars would override the terms and conditions of the PHO.

4.4 Servca Cars may not accommodate specific requirements of passengers. You may however, request for a special arrangement by contacting our customer support representatives.

4.5 Servca Cars reserves the right to correct any typographical errors including errors in pricing. In such a case, the customer will be notified and he/she may opt to withdraw the booking with full refund of the payment.

4.6 Servca Cars is only acting as an agent in the booking process. While Servca Cars would assist in service related issues of the PHO; Servca Cars would not bear any indemnities.

4.7 In order to fulfill a booking, the PHO may transfer the services to another PHO where deems necessary. Any such transfers will be made through Servca Cars and the passenger would be notified immediately.



5.1 For prepayments by credit/debit cards Servca Cars has the responsibility in collecting the payment in full. All cash payments should be directly paid to the PHO.

5.2 Once a booking has been confirmed and paid, it cannot be changed without the ruling of clause 7 in this agreement.

5.3 For payments by card – in the event of your card being refused by the card issuer, a booking cannot be completed.

5.4 Servca Cars will mail a receipt for payment to the registered email ID. This will include a link to receive VAT receipt for Servca Cars fees. For PHO related VAT fees, contact the PHO directly.

5.5 Any deviations to the original route entered may apply additional charges by the PHO, this could be paid directly to the PHO or the driver.

5.6 All taxes provided by the website is inclusive of VAT at standard rate and where applicable

5.7 Only one promotional prize is applicable per booking; only one entry for promotion per customer.

5.8 If a customer is eligible for two or more promotional prices, Servca Cars has the right to apply the highest value offered.



6.1 Servca Cars or PHO has not insured against the passenger or goods of the passengers. Servca Cars or PHO would not be responsible for any insurance claims to you or your goods during the course of the trip.



7.1 You have the rights to cancel booking made through Servca Cars website

7.2 A booking could be cancelled by notifying Servca Cars of the cancellation through the contact us page by providing the booking reference.

7.3.1 Bookings cancelled for vehicles which carry 8 passengers or less and before 48 hours of the stipulated agreed time, will receive a full refund of the fare excluding the card costs. Bookings cancelled for vehicles which carry 8 passengers or less and within 48 hours of the stipulated agreed time, will not receive any refunds for the booking if paid by card; if payment were agreed through cash, your profile will be barred from making future booking unless the full payment is made.

7.3.2 Bookings cancelled for vehicles which carry 9 passengers or more and before a week from the stipulated agreed time, will receive a full refund of the fare excluding the card costs. Booking cancelled for vehicles which carry 9 passengers or more and within the week of the stipulated agreed time, will not receive any refunds for the booking if paid by card; if payments were agreed through cash, your profile will be barred from making future booking unless the full payment is made.

7.4 If a driver doesn’t turn up after 15 minutes (or 30 minutes at airports) of the agreed time and do not wish to proceed with an alternative PHO or a different vehicle from the same PHO, you would be entitled for a full refund of the total fare plus the card costs. However, if the driver turns up after 15 minutes of the agreed time; you may wish to proceed with the same driver at which you would not be entitled for a refund.

7.5 The waiting time for the driver would be only 15 minutes after the agreed time; a PHO could at its own discretion consider your unavailability as a cancellation and you will not be entitled to any refunds. However, if the driver is requested to wait for more than 15 minutes from the agreed time; additional charges may be applicable and could be paid directly to the driver or PHO.

7.6 Any refunds made to the card would at least take 7 business days to realize


8.1 All PHOs operated through Servca Cars have been warranted that it has been licensed by the licensing authorities in the UK. However, Servca Cars shall not be responsible for checking any such warrants; it is the duty of the customer to check for warrants if necessary.

8.2 Servca Cars would not be liable to the customer for any default in services. This may include delays in pick-up or drop-off times; late arrivals and failure to arrive.

8.3 Servca Cars does not take responsibility for direct or indirect loss of revenue due to the failure to deliver proper services by the PHO. If you wish to claim any liabilities, you may claim directly to the PHO.

8.4 Servca Cars maximum liability with respect to these terms and any matter that may rise out of the terms is limited to £250.

8.5 Subjects expressed in these terms all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by the statute or common law are excluded legally as possible

8.6 The terms & conditions mentioned here doesn’t exclude you of any rights under consumer legislation or limit PHO’s liability for negligence.

8.7 Estimated trip or arrival times mentioned in Servca Cars are not subject to traffic, weather conditions or final route taken by the driver. Any delays due to the aforementioned variables does not hold PHO, driver or Servca Cars liable.

8.8 Servca Cars would notify customers on the confirmation of the booking via email, SMS or call. However, Servca Cars does not guarantee any such means of communication on the confirmation. Any consequential losses pertaining to delay or failure to communicate the booking confirmation will not be borne by Servca Cars.

8.9 If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:

8.9.1 the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this Agreement; or

8.9.2 the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this Agreement.



9.1 The PHO may at his own discretion terminate the trip, if customer acts in a manner that is disruptive in anyway, which affects the safety of the passengers, driver, vehicle or the road. Servca Cars nor the PHO would not compensate for any such terminations

9.2 Passengers are not permitted to consume alcoholic drinks during the trip. This includes carriage of alcoholic drinks into the vehicles without prior permission.

9.3 The PHO has the right to refuse services to a passenger who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs



10.1 PHO shall not undertake the delivery of:

10.1.1 Any goods or property that have an intrinsic value of more than £50. This may include but not limited to; money, securities, precious stones or metals, furs, jewellery etc.

10.1.2 Any goods that may be of hazardous in nature; inflammable; explosives or noxious substances; or that which are illegal to possess under the existing English law.

10.1.3 Any goods or property that may deteriorate during transit or substances that may emit harmful radiation within the legal limits

10.2 Any liabilities that may arise due to the loss or damage of goods mentioned in the clause mentioned in 10.1 shall not be borne by the PHO or Servca Cars.

10.3 PHO shall not be directly or indirectly liable for:

10.3.1 consequential loss or loss of profits

10.3.2 loss, damage or breakage of any fragile items arising from the acts of PHO which may not be limited to omission, negligence or otherwise from its employees.

10.4 The PHO may not undertake any liabilities pertaining to:

10.4.1 breakdowns, accidents or weather conditions that may affect the trip

10.4.2 any act or omission by the customer

10.4.3 any act beyond the control of the PHO, which may not be limited to such as strikes, fires, act of God, riot, war, invasion, hostilities, acts of terrorism, military coup or any other conditions amounting to force majeure.

10.5 the provision of the clauses 10.1 and 11.1 only apply to the loss or damage of goods and do not apply to death or personal injury.



11.1 You agree to solve any service related complaints by informing the PHO before 24 hours of the agreed time.

11.2 If subsequently, a PHO is unable to resolve a complaint or take necessary action; you may register a complaint to Servca Cars via our contact us page or by mailing us directly to bookings@servcacars.com within 72 hours of the agreed time. Any complaints made after 72 hours would be deemed invalid.

11.3 If Servca Cars is unable to resolve one or any of the complaints brought forward by the customer. Servca Cars may resort to the appointment of an independent third party to resolve the matter. You agree to comply to the decision made by the independent third party.

11.4 Servca Cars is not liable for any claims, damages or demands that may arise due to the disputes. This may include actual and consequential incidents.



12.1 Servca Cars does not share any private information of customers to third parties without your consent. However, this may exclude PHO where private information such as phone numbers, names and addresses would be beneficial to the service provided.



13.1 The terms and conditions aforementioned would supersede any previous agreement between that may have been made orally or otherwise.

13.2 You warrant that you have not relied on any representation made by Servca Cars in entering into this agreement

13.3 Notices to Servca Cars may be produced in writing to the email bookings@servcacars.com

13.4 Notices to the user from Servca Cars will be produced in writing to the email address provided during the registration and would have deemed to be given after one hour transmission.

13.5 This agreement shall be governed by the English law.

13.6 You agree for the exclusive benefit of Servca Cars that you would submit any dispute under the jurisdiction of England but nothing would prevent Servca Cars from taking proceedings against you in any other courts of competent jurisdiction.

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